A little louder for those in the back

Have you been seeking wellness help in western medicine or western therapy for years without success and thought about trying to find a traditional tribal shaman from back in the day to work with?

Have you been looking for a tribal healer to acknowledge how your indigenous or black body needs different care then caucasian focused western medicine?

Are you in search of a practitioner who’s primary research and focus is within neuroplasticity, nerve regeneration and rehabilitative physiology in it’s entirety?

If you’ve answered yes to any or more than one of these questions working with Dr. Blake may be just what you need to start that long awaited return to wellness

If you’ve ever inquired about Dr. Blake’s services you know that this is zir disclaimer. Ze have never claimed to be a western doctor as ze is not one. You also know there’s a disclaimer before ever working with zir as well.

If you have questions you want answered in the comments ze’d love to answer them in the comments. Dr. Blake could talk about zir background and the training and experience ze has for hours before ze goes blue in the face haha