People often ask why I have so many creative outlets, and instead of just saying for my health as I normally do I thought I would elaborate on it a little further. Whether it’s sketching, writing, painting, or practicing an instrument all of my creative outlets come with more than one benefit. They both help to better my mental and physical health and why would I argue with things that all around help me feel a bit better?

The human brain responds differently to each different type of therapy (physical, occupational, music, art, etc.) So other than my recent focus on physical therapy and music therapy I do my best to keep it well rounded so that all areas of my brain and my injury are getting the attention that they need. As of late my body has clearly been responding better to music therapy so that’s how I exhaust myself on days when I can focus on my physical health.

Even before my paralysis, art has always been my outlet. From visual and fine art to performance arts they have consistently been my go to. Even bored in classes I used to just sit and doodle through lectures because my teachers and instructors never said anything that was not already in the textbook haha. The sooner one finds healthy ways to cope with what life throws at us, the sooner we can thrive. Then there were my teens that were very dark so I always just drew what I was feeling. I actually went through all my old sketches from that time period last week and realized i was in a lot more pain than i acknowledged at the time. From faking happy to being genuinely happy in an 7 year timeframe, it’s an astronomical difference.

In the comments share with me what your devices are.


  1. Whippoorwill says:

    MS Paint for occupational therapy and writing for dealing with things. Non fiction for working things out, fiction for self exploration and poetry for pressure relief.
    And I think you’re absolutely right. This is all about creating a frame of mind or perhaps emotional condition, in which we can thrive despite adversity. Or perhaps more properly, alongside our adversities.
    And just as you discovered via your sketches, I come to self realization by looking back over my writing.
    Great post, Addison. Really got me thinking. 🙂 <3 Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you😊

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