No matter the goals you have or the life you live at some point and likely more than once you will experience hurdles or setbacks that may even tempt you to quit working towards your own better future. You can either learn and grow from these setbacks or you can let them defeat you time and time again.

I’ll have you know between my physical limitations on bad days and living with life long chronic pain I have my fair share of setbacks every breathing day on this Earth, but here I am doing everything I can to defeat these goals in a prompt yet timely matter. All it takes is commitment, accountability, and internal motivation to successfully crush all of your goals.

Yes you are in fact allowed and in this space encouraged to feel any wear downs or defeated feelings about your setbacks. Last year I flared so bad I could barely function for six months. I took every win I could during that time but it was worse than I’d felt since 2018 for that extended period of illness I went through. Many of you may remember it.

Life is the ebbs and flows in and out of each thing we experience it and how well we handle the loss between the peaks. To do this you have to make peace with the darkness and learn hoe to cha-cha with your demon(s). As I’ve spoken about openly for years I gave chronic PTSD and OCD that is well managed, but even that has slip ups. I guarantee I make a mistake every darn day just to make sure I don’t feel too good about anything.

7 months off grid was a fiscal setback last year, but it was an emotional power play where I had the opportunity to use my training and truly reset my mind to a better calmer state and for that the experience will always be priceless to me.

Have you experienced anything lately that felt like a win and a loss at the same time and had to navigate the choices and circumstances surrounding any decision?