Recently I was given the opportunity to shift my life into more trival medicine and education and I have to say this has been a fantastic change, but that also meant leaving some of the social work and mental health side if my last career in the dust. If you know me I prefer harm reduction models in everything and that meant letting go of my last two clients on the mental health side even if the last one ended our contract before I had the opportunity to end services from my side of things.

Im still working on my next book and the album, but writing syllabus and working on more sobriety and wellness programs is my primary focus right now. Being a non western doctor is not just an honor, yet also a privilege because we operate similarly but im not tied to a 90 hour medicine week. I would be just as dressed as a western doctor if I was dealing with that much in medicine a week as well, but that is why I will do my best to never take that route with my career.

Due to my physical and mental well-being I completed and 11 day stint in my local hospital unhbc that was so traumatic that I hope to never end up in a western hospital ever again and it made my mental health worse while I was in there as the doctors and most Healthcare staff were incredibly racist and transphobic until the back half of my stay where they started to treat both myself and other patients as humans.

I started testosterone yesterday and I will admit my body is feeling happier after being depressed for years on estradiol despite still being two spirit-feminine and she or ze for pronouns primarily. I’m excited to become muscular and heal and reveal old wounds to tgebsift tissue injuries my physical body still holds onto and being testosterone dominant will help that in my case.

Butch for days